About the Garden


In accordance with the Charter of 1823, the Garden is communally owned by the proprietors of Drummond Place.

In effect it is the total of the front gardens of each of the 120 proprietors who own property on Drummond Place.  The Garden is part of each property and the proprietors are required to pay an annual subscription, which is a burden on the property.

Over the years the proprietors have formulated a set of regulations to ensure that all who have a right of access to the Garden may derive the maximum pleasure from it. Individual keyholders are expected to ensure that the use of the Garden by themselves, members of their families, or their guests, does not cause damage or interfere with the rights of others.

The proprietors have also determined that they will give access to the garden for a number of additional keyholders on payment of an annual subscription.  Such access is currently limited to a catchment area which is constrained to properties immediately adjacent to Drummond Place.  For details of which properties see access.

How is the Garden managed:

The Garden is managed by a Garden Management Committee who are elected annually at an Annual General Meeting of the Proprietors.

Management of the subscriptions, issue of the keys and production of the Accounts are performed on behalf of the Management Committee by Whitelaw Wells, 9 Ainslie Place, 0131 226 5822.