Dogs in the Garden


Most Proprietors are happy to see dogs in the Garden, though there is sometimes a concern that some owners just use it as a dog exercise yard and toilet.

Dog waste management and disposal had become a problem so a couple of years ago the Proprietors determined that only Proprietors’ dogs should be allowed in the Garden and then only if they were registered.

This means that tenants and Additional Keyholders cannot take a dog into the Garden.


To register a Proprietor’s dog, or dogs, there is a form to fill in and also an annual fee currently standing at £20.  This covers the provision of dog waste bins and dog poo bags and dispensers.  In signing up to the Dog Register the owners are committing to a Code of Practice relating to the clearing up after their pet(s) and controlling them so that they do not become a nuisance to other Garden users.

The Registration Form and Code of Practice can be downloaded here:

Dog Permit 2018   and  DP Garden Dog Code of Conduct 2017

Once admitted to the register the owners get a dog tag for the current year:  :


(This is just an example.  The actual tag is specific to the DP Garden)

The colour of the tag changes each year on renewal.

Owners who abuse the system or the Garden or fail to adhere to the Code of Practice can have their dog declined access to the Garden.