Garden Regulations


General: In accordance with the Charter of 1823, the Garden is communally owned by the proprietors, who have formulated these regulations to ensure that all who have a right of access to the Garden may derive the maximum pleasure from it. Individual keyholders are expected to ensure that  the use of the Garden by themselves, members of their families, or their guests, does not cause damage or interfere with the rights of others.

Keys and Garden Security
1.   Keys must not be lent to people who have no right of access to the Garden. Guests of keyholders are welcome, but must be accompanied by the keyholder.
2.   Proprietors are reminded that where they let their property the Charter stipulates that they may make the Garden key available to the tenants only where those tenants constitute a “private family”. It follows that, where there are three or more tenants who are not members of the same family, the key should not be made available to them.
3.   Additional keyholders are reminded that Garden keys are issued to them personally. If you sell or let your property, your key should be returned to the Secretary – not handed on to the incoming purchaser or tenant.
4.   The gates must be securely locked after entry to or departure from the Garden.
5.   The railings must not be climbed.
6.   All keyholders should feel responsible for the security of the Garden. If you see intruders misusing the Garden you should (a) challenge them yourself, but only if you feel it is safe to do so, (b) tell a member of the Committee or (c), in serious cases (eg of vandalism or aggressive behaviour), call the police.

Benches may be lifted and carried to new locations but must not be dragged across the grass.

Dogs must be on the Garden’s Dog Register and are subject to a Code of Conduct.
In Particular:
1. Only Proprietors’ dogs (i.e. living with the Proprietors) are allowed on the register.
2.  Additional key holders are not permitted to take dogs into the Garden.
3. Dogs must be kept under proper control and must not be allowed to cause damage or to give reasonable cause for alarm.  Dogs must be kept on a lead after dark.
4.   The person in charge of a dog must comply with the code of conduct and, notably, is responsible for removing any excrement which the dog may deposit.
5.   Certain breeds of dog (and their crosses) are not permitted in the Garden, namely Alsatians. Rottweilers, Dobermans and bull terriers.

Children may not bring other children into the Garden except as guests of, and in the presence of, a responsible adult keyholder.

The following activities are NOT permitted –
1.   Ball games (except in the case of children under 12 years of age using soft balls and not wearing studded boots).
2.   The use of hard (e.g. cricket) balls or the throwing of Frisbees or other projectiles.
3.   The use of mechanically driven vehicles (e.g. go-carts or the like).
4.   Cycling (except in the case of children under 12 years of age using the paths).
5.   The use of radios, tape recorders, CD players and the like (other than with head-sets).
6.   The erection of tents or other temporary structures, and camping overnight.
7.   The holding of large (i.e. more than 10 people) parties, unless the agreement of the Committee has been obtained in advance.